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We're building a virtual community for the new wave of founders, explorers & misfits.

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Remarkable People

We carefully select growth-minded & impact-driven founders.

With Shared Purpose

Gather around topics in personal growth & entrepreneurship

With members from across the world launching ideas, making new habits, scaling brands & more...

Taking Action Together

Make things happen – so that you become all that you can be, and make an impact

Our Collective is built around 3 pillars:

We get you those 3 pillars through Sprints

Where each month we form micro-communities of 12 people, from our Collective. To learn, explore and take action together:


Get to know our invite-only community, through our private app & forum.

Choose a theme each month to take action on. In personal growth & entrepreneurship.


Join upto 12 other members who share your purpose.


Meet every week for 90 mins of facilitated conversations – as you make things happen together.


Upcoming Sprints

Some of our Collective members

From explorers and side-hustlers, to remote founders. You'll do each Sprint alongside those who are making their own paths.

membership fee:
€40 per month

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